The Arrosoir & Persil Team

The workshop fair trade in Zimbabwe
Our workshop is a joyful clanging chorus of songs, jokes, angle grinders and hammering.  
We have a friendly and long-lasting relationship with the craftsmen. We make interest-free loans on a regular basis (to buy some land, a house or some large household appliance) to be repaid over a long period of time. Fervent advocate of fair trade values, we are members of MINGA. This professional organization of international stature, works since 2013 for a more fair trade socially and more ecologically responsible.
We provide free accommodation for a sculpting artist, Maxwell Gotchera, who skilfully recycles our own scrap metal.
Meetings are regularly held with all the craftsmen to discuss our organization and solve any problems that might arise, on a professional as well as on a personal level, because we want to make sure we keep a good atmosphere and we think it is one of the key elements for our team to stay close over the years.

Solomon Machaure

Innocent Chirombo

Evans Ngungani

Jeremiah Mabhoso

Diamond Jamu Bakali

Shadreck Honde

Panganai Phiri

John Machaure
Blessing Medas
Select Munemo
Staff in France
Alain Grand
Product design, production (6 months a year), passionate about his work, in Africa as in France, he is the engine of Arrosoir et Persil as well as a mushroom, salad and wild asparaguses picker. He strides across the fields to find them.
Alexandra Rideau
Following the departure of Valérie, Alexandra took up the work with enthusiasm. Great organizational skills, savvy, good at identifying priorities and a certain natural authority, her numerous skills make her an essential part of Arrosoir et Persil.
Steve Rideau
Father, a gentle and peaceful former rugby player, hat maker and husband to Alexandra, who gave him a little girl, Pull Chérie. A blessed guy! Visit his site if you ever need head gear.
Sylvie Henry
A great enthusiast... Creating furniture patinas (she loves to bring old objects back to life), painting, decorating, staging, gardening, not to forget her most successful endeavour: her three children!
Lola Grand
Daughter of Alain Grand, photographer and filmmaker, she designed this website and took the beautiful pictures that make it special. She loves life, flamenco and cinema.
Heavy-truck driver in her spare time, the girl with the purple dreadlocks, you can’t not recognize her. In love with animals, she collects cactuses and fosters crippled frogs. 
Martine et Jose Cardoso
She’s a Swiss, he’s Brazilian.They met in India, lived in Southern France. Now they live in Switzerland where they organize two plant shows, Les Bucoliques, and take part in many other gardening events.

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