Chickadee coupleChickadee couple 26.00 EUR
Squash set of 3Pumpkings set of 3 158.00 EUR
TurtleLittle Turtle 20.00 EUR
Dragonfly RedDragonfly Red 10.00 EUR


Arrosoir & Persil™ manufactures and distributes since 1995 a collection designed by Alain Grand, inspired by the world of plants and gardens. The products we offer are the result of a creative approach, whose goal is to bring to people simple, subtle, useful and poetic objects. Our creations are registered designs. We take care of the whole process, from manufacturing up to delivering. 

Since 15 years we take part in many garden shows in France and across Europe.
You can check our calendar to find a show near you where you can meet us or simply order online.

Enjoy your visit into Arrosoir & Persil™’s own world and the fair trade handicraft of Zimbabwe.

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